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As purely a finanical matter, it’s difficult to die at just the right time. it’s a morbid thought, but it’s life… and death. If your assets are barely enough to cover your own needs, it may be prudent to put your money into an annuity.

One unexpected side effect of the 2008 financial crisis was an increase in the desire to own fixed immediate annuities, which dispense guaranteed income for life. Retirees are fed up with the roller coaster ride of the markets and are seeking more stable, predicatable income.

A 65-year-old man who pays an insurance company $100,000 today to receive $650 a month for life. That’s equal to taking out 7.8% of the total each year, which is a nice return. Wait longer to start drawing on an annuity and the payout is higher.

Fixed-annuity buyers sailed peacefully through the recent market turmoil with monthly checks intact. Another factor: Many older Americans now find themselves planning for retirement with shrunken portfolios. Instead of living off dividends and leaving the principal to heirs, they need to consume the whole sum for their own needs.

Annuities offer the best way to lock in guaranteed lifetime income. Retirement income generated from a stock-and-bond portfolio requires keeping plenty of assets in reserve in case they’re needed to fund a long life or contend with a nasty bear market.

Annuities’ ability to generate superior retirement income is conjured by pooling risk. The annuities transfer savings from people who don’t need it (because they’re dead) to those who do.

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